About Us

Welcome To Lauriston Valley School

The concept of pre-primary and primary education consists of various programs of development and training on our campus.

About Us

The LAURISTON VALLEY SCHOOL was established in 2013. The school offers an education that nurtures the different strengths and aptitudes of our students, through a broad and balanced curriculum and a high level of individual teacher attention.

The school provides the highest quality education, following an adapted form of the National Curriculum Frame work from Nursery to secondary level, designed to inspire learning through being both relevant and flexible. We focus on developing intrinsically motivated students who use questioning effectively, who collaborate and who leave LVS with ownership of their own learning. Class sizes are small. Children are encouraged to develop at their own rate, learning is personalised and focuses on the development of higher order thinking skills. Emphasis is placed on self-discipline within a family atmosphere, providing an ideal environment for children of all nationalities.

All our teachers are LVS are trained and the LAURISTON VALLEY SCHOOL is proud to uphold the high standard of the INDIAN education system in a school that takes full advantage of its multi-cultural setting.