All of the FGD participants have been conscious some women purposely gain weight by using “weight-gain” procedures

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All of the FGD participants have been conscious some women purposely gain weight by using “weight-gain” procedures

This method from putting on weight are detected to be “maybe not proportional” and you may, hence, perhaps not admirable. As well, there is popular religion among participants one to body weight which was proportional and you can, ergo, desirable try gained of course without the need for treatment. Whilst the heavy ladies in the fresh new IDI conveyed the awareness of access to procedures to get lbs, not one of them accepted using medication to achieve weight.

Whenever asked if Ghanaian ladies nevertheless adored with some amount out-of weight, most class talks come to this new consensus you to some extent regarding weight was still wished by many Ghanaian girls. The fresh idea this effect was altering is actually rejected from the FGD players. The explanation considering is actually that, with a point out-of weight are perceived as an indication of “seeing a good life.”

Yes, it nonetheless continues, actually certainly the generation. Once you come to a specific stage in daily life, you should browse really glamorous. An individual notices your, they claim that you will be looking pretty good (FGD participant # 3).

A repeating need offered because of it opinion are one some people liked are advised they’d attained lbs

If you find yourself gaining a few pounds at any phase in daily life try believed is preferred and you can is actually expected because of the society, so it attention was even much more socially questioned inside the first couple of weeks following secret life amount, such as marriage and you will child-birth. So it impact had reasons in antique norms certainly of many cultural communities in the Ghana. Generally, it is asked that after to-be hitched, a husband will provide towards woman’s demands. A familiar manifestation of how well new spouse offers up their lover is how far weight the lady gains once relationship. It impression is appear to indicated from the FGDs and you may was also noticed fashionable one of many IDI respondents: that’s, putting on some amount of lbs is proof a husband’s element so you’re able to acceptably provide for the needs of his lover. It presumption try believed therefore basic and you will crucial that failure to have shown it gaining weight is going to be named a sign of financial tiredness of your own spouse.

One another IDI and FGD participants shown the scene you to definitely society needs ladies to achieve pounds following childbirth. Typically, a woman having has just put is expected to possess a beneficial specific plump body dimensions that’s needed to complement into the special attire commonly used during this period. Centered on you to definitely FGD respondent:

But if you provide delivery, about into earliest around three, four, four weeks, you want a tiny lbs to appear attractive (FGD #step 1 participant).

They came up that weight attained through the use of treatment was tend to simply for the fresh new backside, palms, and you will tits

An extra motivation to possess wanting some extent out of body weight was driving a car of being stigmatized because of the anybody else because a lady exactly who are slim. In extreme cases, slim lady can become a target from identity-calling within her house otherwise society. In a single FGD, it was mentioned that ladies who was slim were both insulted given that “Nchanga” (term away from a highly slim reputation within the elementary school guides), “praye” (meaning broom stick regarding Akan language), or “Chingilingi” (no understood meaning discover), in case there is a residential quarrel or perhaps in gossips. It was, ergo, recommended your fear of becoming stigmatized otherwise also known as slim can get establish why some women attempt to put on weight.

But not, it had been also thought that individuals that happen to be over weight otherwise big was sluggish and you will directly dry, it had been also believed that its excessive body weight means they are tire with ease. It was, commonly, showed that individuals who’re overweight are handicapped. Another common impact try you to fat anyone constantly to use one to put, therefore it is hard for them to awake and you will perform typical situations.

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